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Check IRCTC PNR Status

PNR is the short form of Passenger Name Record number. So, you can call it PNR Number of Passenger Name record Number, whichever you like. Now, you can check PNR Status of your train tickets on this website. You just need to enter the unique 10 digit number also called as PNR number, given by IRCTC, when you book tickets for your journey.

If you don’t know your PNR Number, then don’t worry, you can find it on top-left corner of ticket, which you purchased. With that Passenger Name Record number (PNR), you will be able to get all the details like Train Coach Number, Ticket Booking Status, Passengers List and much more.

As you all know, a huge number of trains travel across our nation. Some of the popular trains are named as Shatabdi Express, Duranto Express, Suburban Trains, Rajdhani Express, Passenger Trains, Express Trains, Garib Rath Express, etc.. All these are under Indian Railways. So, it doesn’t matter, you travel in any of these train of the one’s which are nto mentioned here, you just need to have the (Passenger Name Record Number (PNR), to check IRCTC PNR Status.

How to Check PNR Status Online?

Well, you may found it difficult to check the irctc pnr status, specially when you have less technical knowledge, but with this tool, even, if you have very limited amount of knowledge, you can still check your ticket info with ease.

Now, you just need to have the 10 digit PNR number, once you have, just enter that PNR Number here, the box given above and then, click on “GET PNR STATUS”. It will take only a few seconds to load all the details of your PNR status right from the database/servers of and you will get to know, whether you ticket is confirmed or still pending. Once, you get the details, you will be able to Print those PNR status details, using a printer attached with your PC and then you take that printed paper with your ticket details with you in your journey.

Railway PNR Status

Indian Railways at issues the PNR Status! If you need to know more about railways schedule, then check out NTES.

Check PNR Status Offline

Now, in case you don’t have internet plans activated on your PC or on your mobile, you check your IRCTC PNR Status Offline without any worry. For this, Indian Railways have provided Calling and SMS helpline, where you just need to send a SMS or need to call once, to get the PNR Status. Below are details of the Railway Helpline.

  • Check PNR Status Online : Use Check IRCTC PNR Status or Indian Railways to get your Passenger Name Record number details.
  • Check PNR Status by SMS : Type "PNR {Your-PNR-Number-here}" and send it to 5888 or 139 or 5676747 or 57886.
  • Get PNR Status by Call : Just Dial 139 from any of your mobile number and follow the instruction given on call carefully!

PNR Status Railway Codes Full Forms

CNF: Confirmed Booking.
WL: Wait List.
CAN: Cancelled Booking.
RAC: Reservation against Cancellation.

These are the common abbreviations used, which you will see, when you check your PNR Status. In a very rare case, you will see any other code, and that case, you must check out all the codes from here:- PNR Status Railway Codes.

How Ticket Booking Works in Indian Railways?

Well, there has been lot of confusion around, with the process of ticket booking of Indian Railways, with only a few people aware of the real process.

So, lets learn how it goes.

First of all regular booking of seats takes place and when all the seats get booked, then Indian Railways introduces RACs (Reservation Against Cancellation) with a fixed amount of Quota and when it gets exhausted, they releases WL (Waitlist) Tickets.

So, if you are in the waiting list, you have to wait for the person, who have confirmed booking, to cancel their tickets. Once they cancel their booking, you will move up in the waiting list queue.

For Example:- If your ticket has WL7/WL3 written on it, that means, when you booked your seat, you were 7th in the waiting list, but at the time of ticket purchasing, you are 3rd in waiting list.

if your ticket says, you are in waiting list, then you can not board the train in any condition. Checkout below given conditions for clear vision.

1. WL#/ WL# - Waitlisted: You Cannot board the Train.

2. WL#/RAC# : You can board the train, but the berth, given to you, may be shared with some other passenger.

3. WL#/CNF: This means, your berth has been confirmed and you can board the train with confirmed seat.

Note:- RAC/WL candidates can also get seats, just before the departure of the train (after the chart preparation), if seats are available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is PNR number used on tickets, is unique or they use it on multiple occasions?

No, they trash the number after a few weeks, so that it can be used again in future.

2. When I can book tickets, In how much advance?

Well, Indian Railways has set 120 days as the advance ticket booking period also called as ASP (Advance Reservation Period).

3. If I don’t have any PNR, then can I check, whether the ticket has been booked on my name or not?

Indian Railways or IRCTC does not reveal any personal details like Age, Name, etc.., so you will only be able to check, whether PNR is on your name or not, only on the chart prepared and pasted on the coaches and that too only on the journey date.

4. How to Check if PNR Number is correct or not?

You can check it on using this tool, given in the beginning of this page, If you get details like berth, train number, then pnr is valid and if ti gives black or or no details, then your pnr is not correct or is flushed or yet not generated.

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