PNR Status Railway Codes

You must have got many problems understanding the PNR Status Railway Codes, while booking tickets. But from now on-wards, you will face any problem, just checkout the list of codes given below, which will help you understand the short forms used as PNR Status Railway Codes.

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Full Form of Railway Codes

Codes Description More Details
CAN/MOD cancelled or modified passenger It indicates that the ticket is cancelled or the details of passenger is modified.
WL# Waiting list number This shows the number of people are in waiting list in-front of you. For Example:- If the code is WL12, that means, 11 people are waiting queue before you.
CNF Confirmed Confirmed Means, you will surely get a berth during travel, but you need to wait for the chart to be prepared, to get your coach and Berth Number.
RAC Reservation against cancellation RAC indicates that, you ticket will only be booked if someone else will cancel the ticket and the number given after RAC will show the number of people in front of you or I should, will be in queue, to get cancelled berth.
GNWL# General waiting list It is used for the Tickets issued by beginning stations and close-by ones.
RLWL# Remote location wait list This is another type of wait listed tickets, which are very hard to get confirmed. It will be very rare, when you will see RLWL ticket getting confirmed as these are issued stations in the that are part of the journey. For Example:- on a route of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, ticket booked from 3 to 6 will be on RLWL.
PQWL# Pooled Quota wait list Pooled Quote is a very special quote, generally kept for important stations or nearby stations, that are popular, or the stations who deserve a sepcial quote. If your journey route comes in that quota, you ticket will be in PQWL.
REGRET/WL No more booking permitted When you see REGRET/WL, then there will be no chance to book a ticket, as there will be booking available in WL or RAC.
R## RAC  coach number, Berth Number There will be two different numbers, one will be the Coach Number (the first one) and the second one will be Berth Number.
Released Ticket not confirmed but alternative accommodation  provided If you see Released Code, then, you will be getting an alternative place/accommodation/berth to travel, as the given berth was not confirmed.

So, these are the PNR Status Railway Codes. Now, if you want to check your PNR status, then check it here.

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  1. Is there any way to cancel tatkal train ticket? Tell me about that. How much amount they will deduct ?

    1. No Refund in Tatkal Reservation.

      If your train is late and if you cancel at that time when you have to go and train is late then your total money will refund but as i know this policy also not for Tatkal.

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