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Live Train Status

This tool is specially built to help you check Live Train Running Status without any problem. Because there are many instances, where it becomes important for you to know, whether your train is on time or late.

Many of you might have fixed future plan, depending on the actual arrival time of the train, but it might be late, How would you know, this?

Well, This is the perfect tool. Just start typing the Train Number or Name and it will suggest you all the running trains. Just click on the right one, whose live status, you want to know, and the information will be on your screen..

Train Running Status Information

The Live Train Status information will include Station, Platform, Schedule Arrival, Schedule Departure, Actual Arrival, Actual Departure and Train Status. You will get to know, where you train is right now and How many minutes late it is. It will also tell you about the estimated arrival time of all the upcoming stations.

You will be abe to know this info about almost all the Indian Railways train running.

So, now, there will be no worries while traveling, you will always be able to know the time, when you will reach your destination. It is the best thing, when we go on a long journey.

Now, In case, you have any difficultly checking live train Information, then you must checkout this simple guide, which will help you use this tool.

Step by Step Guide to Check Live Train Running Status

Step 1:- If you are reading this guide, then you must have already opened this page, but finding it difficult to use this tool. So, Just find out the Train Number or Train Name of which you wanting to Check Live Status of Train.

Step 2:- Now, Enter that Train Number/Name and you will see the name your train just below the form. Just click on it.

Step 3:- Within a matter of few seconds, running status of the train, you wanted, will be in front of your eyes. Now, repeat this every 10-15 minutes, to check the live status.

How to know Train Number/Name

Well, It is very common. Most of you don't care about knowing your train name of number, but to check running status of train, you need them. So, let's know, where you can get them.

There are few methods, which can be used to get either name or number of the train you are traveling on.

1. Just Check the ticket and it will have the number and name of train for sure.
2. In most cases, the number of the train is written on Coaches.
3. If you fail to found number or name in any of the two methods, then you need to search on Google. Just open and and type the name of stations (source and destination) and then, find out the train, which is running on that respective day. You can also, use, our "Train Between Stations" tool to find out the train number or name.

Why it is important to check live train information?

Well, there are many situations, in which live train info is needed and some of them are listed below.

1. Most of the cases, your family members or the person, who is waiting for you on a specific Railway station, will get benefited by this service, as he will be able to check the trains present location and the arrival time on that specific stations.
2. Knowing the train running status gets handy, when you only be able to board train at the time of departure and you also get to know about the cancellation of trains by this way, saving your valuable time.
3. In festival Seasons, it becomes important to use this live train running info service, because it gives you the benefit of knowing about the exact status and location of special trains, started by government to make traveling easy for People.

Facing Any Issue?

Still, you are having problem using this tool or it is not working for you (or not showing accurate live train status), in any case, just contact us via the contact page (link given in the footer) and we will solve any technical glitches within minutes.

Also, you are free to give feedback over this tool via contact page. It will help us, improve this site for better user experience.